How To Display Your Artwork ?

Light may be damaging to artwork. However,  the following practices can help you maximize both the enjoyment and longevity of your artwork:

  • Avoid hanging artwork in direct sunlight.
  • Reduce overall lighting levels—dim the lights whenever possible.
  • Use incandescent or LED bulbs to light your art—they emit less UV rays than fluorescent lights.
  • Choose a glazing product that meets conservation standards by providing at least 97% UV protection.
  • Choose anti-reflective glazing such as Tru Vue® Optium Museum Acrylic® or Museum Glass® to reduce reflections.



We offer a wide selection of high quality designer moulding made of 100% solid wood. There are a variety of finishes, designs , color and sizes to choose from. We are proud to work with the leading manufactures in the country including Larson Juhl , Studio Moulding, Max Moulding and more. 


Matting is not only an intricate part of frame design, but is especially an important way to protect your work of art. Acid-free matting prevents your artwork from turning brown and getting acid stains. We offer a broad range of conservation mat options including acid free mat, handwraped100% silk or linen mat.


Glazing is just as important as matting . We highly recommend Plexiglas or ultra-violet (UV)filtering Plexiglas for framing. Plexiglas has an added benefit of being lighter than glass. Glass could shatter and ruin your artwork. We also carry Conservation Clear and Museum Glass from TruVue . Both options provide 99% UV protection and prevent your art from fading.

Quality & Service

With over 20 years of experience, Island Art & Framing has completed countless frames for art collectors,homeowners, interior designers and businesses.

Our frames are built to last . Our experienced framers are skillful craftsman and take pride to complete each and every specification of your frame design. We cut each frame. We build each frame one by one with  Swiss precision equipment. We are proud of our quality material , workmanship and professional service.

Island Art & Framing is devoted to bring you the latest, fresh choice of frames across all price points, with timeless classis as well as contemporary style and designs.

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Protecting art and your valuable memorabilia is often a priority when it comes to custom framing. And we take this matter seriously. Ask our design experts and discuss your conservation needs. Both matting and glazing play an important role in conservation.

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